A trip to the Sea

Today is the beginning of carnival here in Germany. Seems like a good day to stay inside and write a new blogpost. Are you a carnival person?

Anyway, Blog! Beginning now.

My brother recently moved to Hamburg. Which means I lost a very convinent place to stay in the Alps but at the same time gained one in the Northern part of Germany. So that's great! Exploring up there is something I looked forward to for a while now. When I was a kid, we spent a lot of our vacation time up there at both the North Sea and the Baltic Sea - but I haven't been anywhere close to this part of the country in five years or so.

Hence, that needed to be changed! Last weekend I drove up to Hamburg, packed my brother and we went off to find the sea! We picked the North Sea as a good first outing and decided to find the lighthouse at Westerheverstrand just off St. Peter-Ording. We had a lovely walk (not a hike, 'cause.... well... no mountains) to the light house. We met plenty of sheep on the way and it was really cool to be in a totally different environment compared to my recent travels to Norway and the Alps. A very flat environment to be precise.

After we visited the very impressive light house we went on to run around the tidelands in the Wadden Sea. A place where we had spent many hours playing as kids. The sea was gone pretty far already which made it possible to walk around quite far off the shore. We stayed for a really awesome sunset full of nice colors and reflections in the countless puddles all around the tidelands.

It was such a nice trip. I dont really remember when I last was at the German part of the North Sea... so it was about time!

Best of all, we saved a little fish who got caught in a very small puddle and was running out of water. We put it in a way bigger one further out where it was able to survive until the flood came back. Loads of karma points in our cullum I think haha.

I hope you guys have a fun weekend - especially those who chose to celebrate the beginning of carnival season!



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